About Small Garden Advice

Small Garden Advice answers questions regarding garden pests in  small herb gardens, small flower gardens and small vegetable gardens.  Most of the tips are typically useful for organic gardeners.

We offer articles about garden pests in small vegetable, herb and flower gardens. The techniques available for resolving garden pest issues are very different in organic gardening. So it requires a different set of skills. It takes time and patience and a different mindset to have a successful organic garden.

Even experienced successful gardeners need a new set of skills when gardening organically.

Optimally you need to look for garden pests when the issues are small. When the issues are noticeable, action should be taken immediately. What, why, when and how. 


Whiteflies, squash bugs, maggots, stink bug, thrips, common pests, ants, maggots, root eating pests, birds, squirrels, mice, rats, voles, worms, and so much more.


Holes in vegetables, flower, leaves, garden beds, root vegetables, fruit, raised beds, dried leaves, slimy leaves, stunted growth, curled leaves, blackened leaves, and so much more.

When to take action

to apply a technique, when to look for issue, where to look for an issue, what are the signs that something is going wrong, and so much more

Vegetables, Herbs, and flowers

Cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, potatoes, flowers, herbs and so much more.